Will Your Roof Leak if Shingles Are Missing After a Storm?

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Is there a bigger headache for a homeowner than a leaky roof? Roof repair itself can be a stressful process but dealing with a leak and the accompanying water damage is a real-life nightmare. Water damage is expensive to fix and a giant hassle to clean up. Not to mention, if the issue is not taken care of properly or quickly, the risk of mold, mildew, and other biological growth is a real threat.

The bottom line is, that preventing a leaking rooftop is a major priority for any homeowner. You will likely want to know the risk of a leak happening if your roof’s shingles are damaged or missing. Older roofs are at risk during large storms, this is especially true if the rooftop has not been properly maintained over the years. Heavy rain, hail damage, and shingles flying off during strong winds are all concerns. So, the next time you are outside, look up and examine the shingle’s situation on your rooftop. Here is what you need to know if you discover several shingles are missing.

Do I need to replace the missing shingles on my roof?

So, you think your roof is missing some shingles but you are not sure what to do about it. Unfortunately, there really is no way around it, if your rooftop is either missing shingles entirely, has shingles that are damaged or the shingles are missing pieces, you will need to hire a roofing contractor for a roof repair in Pawtucket RI.

The bottom line is, that if you are missing shingles from your roof, these shingles must be replaced. Not replacing these missing shingles will likely lead to further damage to your roof. And if the damage becomes too great, you will find yourself with a major roof repair job on your hands. Or worse yet, your whole roof might need to be replaced entirely.

How can I tell if shingles are missing from my roof?

Depending on how tall your home is and where the damage to your roof is located, you might be able to spot missing shingles from the ground. You can try to survey your rooftop from the ground by going outside and backing away from your home to get a better look, you will want to back far enough away that you can see the majority of your rooftop while staying close enough to your home that you can identify the condition of the roof. This is probably easier said than done. If you have binoculars, this would be a good time to break them out.

Now, if your home is taller and has more than one story, you may need to call in a professional to inspect the condition of your roof. It is always better to let a professional roofer handle the climbing up to the roof and walking around it part. Roofs can be a dangerous place and a professional will know what safety precautions need to be taken. Plus, a roofing contractor will have a better idea of what to look out for and be better able to judge the condition and safety of your roof.

What to do if only a few shingles have blown off?

Maybe you are not missing tons of shingles and maybe only a couple blew off during the last storm. You will still want to replace these and have the condition of your rooftop assessed. Even just a couple of missing shingles can lead to some serious damage to your roof.

Plus, it is important to keep in mind, that if this past storm blew off some shingles, what will happen during the next storm? It is extremely unlikely that you only had two or three weak shingles and the rest are fine. That is why it is better for you, in the long run, to have a professional roofer come out and inspect the condition of your roof now, so they can perform any minor roof repairs before you end up with some major damage to your roof.

Will my insurance cover missing shingles?

This will depend on the type of coverage you have and what caused the shingles to fall off in the first place. Your homeowner’s insurance should have a dwelling clause that will cover the cost of roof repairs related to natural events, this includes things like fires, wind and hail damage, if a tree falls on your roof during a storm, etc. incidents you cannot control.

You will have a more difficult time working with your insurance company if the damage to your roof was caused by neglect and a lack of maintenance. Your roofing contractor will be able to advise and assist you in this aspect.

How do roof shingles leak?

There are several factors that can cause your shingles to leak. For example, if they were installed improperly, the chances your shingles will leak is greater. If your roof is damaged and there are holes in it, then you can expect a leak. Missing or damaged shingles (as mentioned above) can lead to leaks in your roof. An older, improperly maintained rooftop is also at risk of leaking.

Other factors that can put your rooftop and shingles at greater risk of leaks include clogged gutters. As rainwater runs down your roof, the gutters are supposed to allow the water to run safely away from your roof but clogged gutters mean water can accumulate at the base of your rooftop and cause a leak that way. Rainwater can also leak in around chimneys, skylights, and the vents on your roof if the materials used to seal these items breaks down over time.

Final thoughts on roof repair and what to do if you discover shingles are missing

While it might not seem like a big deal at first if a couple of shingles go missing from your roof, the fact is the damage will only continue to grow if you ignore this problem. You should always have a professional roofing contractor repair and replace missing shingles as soon as possible. This will help ensure you can avoid a larger roof repair project down the road.