When Children Have Close Relationships with Grandparents

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A child needs attention and affection from the family. It is not enough from parents alone, the role of grandparents is also a driving factor. When children have close relationships with their grandparents, everyone benefits. There have been several studies conducted on the effects of grandparents’ bonding, and all of the studies have shown positive results associated with closer bonding. Vice versa. Grandparents need closeness and affection from their grandchildren because they are no longer young. Grandparents need fun time and activities for their activities. The closeness with the grandchildren also makes them feel nostalgic about their youth. Most parents who have careers entrust their children to their grandparents. Parents do not have to pay a nanny. Because entrusting children to their grandparents is a reasonable choice, the children have more effective time with their grandparents than with their parents. Do grandparents have legal rights to see their grandchildren? Of course, there is a right to see his grandson. Abroad, it is common practice to leave children with grandparents, even though the time is not like that of parents working in Indonesia. Because more time is spent with the grandparents, the grandparents’ parenting affects the children. Unfortunately in general, not all parenting styles are for children. Also, they do not encourage children’s physical activity. They are afraid that their grandchildren will be lost while playing outside. Thus, they often lock their grandchildren at home. Another bad habit that grandparents also often do is smoking near their grandchildren.
So that the Parenting Style of Grandparents Remains Quality
Although his research shows the negative effects of parenting style on grandparents on the health of grandchildren, in fact, many grandparents do not know or deliberately choose bad parenting when taking care of their grandchildren. So, parents should continue to play a role in parenting and provide limits on parenting. One of them is to establish basic rules when leaving children. Also, grandparents need to be given provisions on when their grandchildren need to eat and sleep, how long they watch TV, how many snacks can be consumed, and other things that are considered important. However, you still have to negotiate the terms in a good way, so as not to offend them.
Parents also should not be too hard on things that are considered small mistakes. Especially if these things have no impact on the child. If you criticize too many things, grandparents can take offense and become reluctant to care for more. After all, they have sacrificed a lot of energy, time, even money, when taking care of their grandchildren. They should be appreciated and supported more by their parents. It is undeniable that without grandparents who are willing to take care of their grandchildren, many parents cannot work in peace. Especially if you are a parent who is reluctant to leave your child to a caregiver or daycare institution.
But in fact, in some conditions, it can also cause grandparents to have a close relationship with their grandchildren. There are also types of grandparents who tend to ignore their grandchildren and leave all parenting actions to their parents. Grandparents are not close to their grandchildren because of the distance factor. They even meet on holidays or certain events. Actually, many of them want to try to be involved and close to their grandchildren, and ensure that distance is not a factor in the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.