What is scarifying, and why do we do it?
What is scarifying, and why do we do it?

Anyone who has a beautiful green lawn and has put a lot of effort into it wants to keep it that way. A beautiful lawn needs maintenance once in a while, and just mowing it is not enough. Weeds, moss, and other things can make the grass look ugly. A kind of felt layer forms on the lawn, through which water, air, and light have difficulty penetrating. If this layer becomes too thick, chances are your grass will look ugly. Scarifying makes this layer of felt disappear, so your grass can look beautiful again. How does scarifying your grass work? In this article, we will discuss it in detail, so you can find out more.

What is scarifying exactly?

Moss in your grass lawn is something you do not want. Too little oxygen, structure, and nutrients in the soil can cause the moss to win over the grass. Many people who mow their lawns too short have a greater chance of getting a lot of moss. Too much shade can also cause moss, which in turn can cause a layer of thatch. Scarifying helps against moss, but also against a layer of thatch. It can be compared to raking, but scarifying always involves using a scarifier. This removes the moss and that layer of felt and cuts the roots. This means that no new moss can grow, which of course is what your grass lawn likes. The water can reach the roots of the grass again and this gives your lawn a better appearance.

Scarifying by hand is often a chore, which is why many people opt for a scarifier. A scarifier is a real moss killer and makes sure you don’t have to worry about moss anymore.


Moowy is a great provider when it comes to keeping your lawn beautiful. You can buy grass seeds, but also things to scarify your grass. You can buy special seeds that make moss disappear. It is a real moss killer, and you really need it for a beautiful green lawn. On the website, you can find more information about the product. You can also read exactly what to do with the product and how to best use it. You could even read the reviews about the moss killer, so you know it really works. Make sure you are also using the right grass seeds for sowing your field.