Wall Design: 9 Minimalist Living Room Wall Designs

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Wall Design- A small house should not be an obstacle, because by outsmarting the design, a small dwelling can appear spacious.

One room that can be tricked is the living room, a room where guests gather when visiting the house.

No need to worry about how to arrange the living room to make it look spacious, just focus on the design of the living room walls, then the residence can be auto spacious and luxurious!

What kind of living room wall design is suitable for a small house? This is the inspiration!

9 Minimalist Living Room Wall Design Inspirations

1. Green Wall with Arabic Calligraphy

The light green color is indeed very suitable to be applied to a small residential living room.

Green creates a calm and shady impression, even a room that is initially cramped can look cool, especially when combined with white furniture.

To add an Islamic impression, you can display Arabic calligraphy in the form of prayer pieces on the living room wall.

2. Rural Nature Concept Living Room

For those of you who miss your hometown, you can also make a living room with a natural, rural-style concept.

The trick is to combine many natural elements such as wood, brick, and patterned ceramics.

Walls made of exposed red brick automatically create a natural impression.

3. The All-Black White Gray Monochrome Concept

The hallmark of the concept of minimalism in the house is the dominant monochrome color.

Like the living room above, black, white, and gray are the main colors.

In order not to be boring, give a statement on the wall in the form of white exposed brick.

For those of you who don’t want to bother, just attach a removable white brick motif sticker.

4. Curtains Dominate the Walls

Monochrome colors are sometimes boring, so it is very important to combine them with other attributes.

One that can be chosen is curtains with full motifs like the living room above.

It’s just worth remembering, don’t add other patterned items so it’s not too crowded.

5. Luxury Wall Panels

The trick is to use a panel on one part of the wall, precisely in the position where you will install the TV.

The selected panel design should use marble elements or hexagonal motifs.

6. All-Brown Living Room with Minimalist Panels

Wall panels do not always make a luxurious impression, it all depends on the design.

If the room feels empty, use a minimalist wall panel like this, without a lot of motifs or textures.

7. Minimalist but Luxurious

There are also people who want to look luxurious but don’t want to overdo it in order to keep using minimalist elements.

This is the living room wall design that is right for you.

The white color creates a simple impression, while the line motifs and hexagonal mirror walls on the wall panels create a luxurious impression.

8. Line Pattern on the Wall

Don’t want to bother making additional wall panels but want the living room wall design to look good?

Make one part of the wall have a different motif, such as a horizontal line motif for example.

The selection of classic-style furniture will also make the residence not look monotonous.

9. Pink Living Room with White Walls

For those of you who like to look different, a living room with a dominant pink color is also good, you know.

But in order to maintain a minimalist impression, make the living room walls white,

The combination of pink and white creates a feminine, but not tacky, impression.

Those are 9 minimalist living room wall designs that you can copy!