Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

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Have you got a tween boy who wants a new look for his bedroom? Use these ideas to remodel while sticking to a budget.

Parents who have a tween son may have a “decorating dilemma” to face. At this age boys usually get over the childhood stage and enter into the pre-pubescent phase. Prior to being a full-fledged teenager, a tween boy will typically go through a point when everything that parents do will seem to embarrass him, and he decides it is time to exercise some freedom with decisions, starting with his bedroom. As any parent knows, the cost of remodelling a bedroom can be pretty pricey. With imagination and the help of discount stores, it can be done on just about any budget.

Basically, the rule of thumb to follow is that a tween boy’s bedroom should have zero decorations, which he considers to be childish. However, a bit of the child’s personality should still be reflected in the room. So how are parents supposed to go about redecorating this type of bedroom? Here are some ideas for bedroom trends on a budget, which can be used when remodelling a room.

Showcase the Tween’s Personality in the Bedroom Décor

Before focusing on the numerous ideas that can be used for bedroom trends on a budget, how exactly can parents help showcase a son’s personality in his own room? This is particularly important because a tween boy wants a cool room, but it should also be designed with a purpose, such as having a desk for homework. As his room becomes a haven when he wants to have some alone time, having an environment which suits his personality is a must.

One great idea that parents can use when it comes to showcasing a boy’s personality is allowing him to decorate the room all by himself. Set a budget and ask him what colour scheme or theme he would like to have in his bedroom. If the child does not want to do the work, and let mom or dad choose his decor, it is a good idea not to use any cartoon character themes.

Choose a bland or neutral colour scheme, after which the tween can decide on what posters or sports-themed decors to add to his room. For example, a boy who is into the arts can probably make a mural on his bedroom wall using various textured sponges found in most discount stores. A boy who is still fond of playing with Transformers or action figure collections can have a storage closet where he can place his toys out of sight. Those who are fascinated with astrology and have hopes of being in the aerospace field one day can have a similarly themed bedroom décor.

Enumerating the Tween Boy Bedroom Trends on a Budget

After choosing the type of bedroom décor that will suit the tween’s personality, the next thing to do is look for bedroom trends on a budget. Take a look at the following list:

Go for a vintage-inspired room where there is a wide palette of colours to choose from.

Turn the room into a unique haven by using personalized stencils to decorate with.

Follow the simple rule of using white walls, blue bedspread and have the tween accessorize his room with items that he thinks are cool. No themes, less fuss.

Prominently display items that are most important, such as his video games collection, movie posters, or a collection of basketball jerseys.

Adding the Finishing Touches to a Tween Boy’s Bedroom

Adding finishing touches to a bedroom is where most money is spent. To avoid going over budget, consider shopping yard sales or flea markets to find less expensive alternatives to retail stores. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and this is so true. Be creative with bargain items, and don’t be afraid to paint lamps, fix old picture frames, and varnish old bedside tables to decorate a tween’s room. He will probably enjoy helping with these projects anyway.

Decorating a tween boy’s bedroom on a budget is easy when one knows where to look for decor items. The fun part is putting it all together, while working together, and then seeing the joy a child feels when he knows he has created a special place of his own. Want some ideas?..look here for some great bargains.