Tips on Improving Your Landscaping

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There are several projects you can complete in a weekend that will add modern touches to your property and possibly raise the value of your home in the process. Adding new surfaces such as stone or brickwork, upgrading the lawn and putting in decorative lighting can boost curb appeal.

Replace or Resurface the Driveway

If you are looking to enhance the first impression of your drive, consider pouring a concrete pad or utilizing a variation of the many ornamental paving stones available at home improvement stores. Be sure to apply a wet paver sealer at the end of the process for a clean and shiny complexion. This will also help to protect your handiwork. A solid, flat surface will make it easier to manage snow removal in the winter and is a breeze to pressure wash in the warmer months. 

Create a Robust Lawn

Lawncare doesn’t have to be a chore when you plan correctly and let convenient devices do the majority of the work. Automatic sprinklers can help to maintain a lush, green yard with minimal upkeep once in place. They also remove the need for hoses laying around and taking up space. Weeds and nuisance vegetation can be kept under control by distributing a light coat of herbicide in the Spring. Keep in mind that solutions can be homemade to avoid dangerous poisons in commercial products.

Light It Up

The addition of outdoor lighting creates a more inviting atmosphere for your family and guests. A simple motion-detecting lamp mounted near the front door or on the garage will promote safety when arriving at night and ensure a clear field of vision when parking. If there is a patio or gathering area, strategically hung LED lights will keep the party going while providing a comfy atmosphere. As a finishing touch, think about lining walkways with solar stake lights. These gadgets are low-profile accents that can illuminate all pathways.