Tips for Cleaning a Commercial Refrigerator

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If you use commercial refrigeration minneapolis mn, it most likely means you own or run a restaurant. In the food industry, the fridge is the heart and soul of the business. In order to serve the best meals possible, you need to keep it clean and in top condition.


Try to wipe spills and leaks as you go, but you should also regularly remove your inventory and clean the interior cabinet thoroughly with soap and water. Stay away from chemical cleaners so that you don’t contaminate your food. It will also make your life easier to set up a system of rotation for your inventory, so nothing expires before it is used and nothing will get lost in the back and become a moldy science experiment.


The main part of concern in the condenser coil. Become familiar with where it is and how to get it out, because it will need to be cleaned about once a month. Dust and dirt is known to build up if you leave the coil unattended. First you should use a vacuum to suck out as much debris as possible. You also may need to reverse the flow of air to blow out particles from hard to reach cracks. Then you can wipe down the outside with a damp rag.


Other than polishing the handles and surface every so often, keep an eye on your door gaskets. These are the rubber flaps that seal the doors to the outside. This will keep your refrigerator at the proper temperature and running efficiently. Keeping them wiped down should suffice, but if you notice a tear or damage of any sort they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Keeping spares around will seem a blessing when the time comes.

Refrigerators are in constant use, so it’s understandably hard to find the time to thoroughly clean them. However, you’ll need to make this a priority and a habit of your kitchen staff. A happy fridge means happy customers!