For some people who live in big cities like Jakarta, buying an apartment at Parc Central Residences EC is an option. Because the land has become something expensive and rare. Besides, traffic jams also cause trips to the office to be longer. With a variety of attractive facilities offered, apartment sales are also increasingly in demand.

If you are interested in buying a Parc Central Residences apartment rather than an apartment rental, don’t get stuck choosing an apartment just because you see one advantage offered. To make it easier for you to choose an apartment, here are some tips that should be considered

Recognize Developer’s Track Record

When you buy a Tampines Ave 10 EC apartment, you depend on the developer. Until now, there have been many apartment cases that have been displaced because of problematic developers. For that, find out the credibility of the developer before buying an apartment. You can see this information from the official developer page in Singapore.

Location Survey

To get an apartment in Singapore with a location close to the place of work, first, survey the location of the apartment. Also pay attention to train access, road access, and easy access to public transportation that goes there. If you are looking for a quiet residence, try to choose an apartment that is not close to entertainment venues with live music, executive lounge, bar, café, and discotheques.

For developers who sell apartments, they choose the location of the apartment with sunrise property valuation. apartments with the sunrise property category are also diverse. Some developers consider Sunrise property to be close to infrastructure development. Sunrise property itself is a property in the region that is expected to develop or shine within the next 5 years. Property prices in this region will also continue to increase along with the development of the region. Tampines Ave 10 EC

Supporting facilities

Search for information on public facilities available around the apartment. The facilities in question include bus stops, police stations, hospitals, LRT stations, campuses, schools, shopping centers, minimarkets, and office centers.

Pay attention to the age of the building

Consider the age of the apartment building to be purchased. If you are going to buy a second apartment, try not to choose a building that is too old. Old buildings will cost you quite a lot of maintenance.

Adjusting to the Needs

The marketed apartment designs consist of 3 types, unfurnished, semi-furnished, and fully furnished. Unfurnished is an empty apartment that has no furniture at all. Meanwhile, the type of fully furnished is a building that is ready to be inhabited. Also, you need to consider the apartment in terms of size or based on the number of rooms. Choose an apartment according to your needs, not wants.


Security is the no less important thing to consider. The security is not only for the apartment itself but also for the environment around the apartment. Choose who has security and CCTV facilities that operate 24 hours.

Parking lot

Make sure the apartment to be chosen has a parking space for residents. Also, know how much land is available. If you have a vehicle, find out whether there are additional costs for parking or not.

Thus some tips for choosing an apartment that needs attention. Now you can determine which apartment best suits your needs.