Most likely, you have seen a home makeover show on TV where some contractors and designers come together and turn an old house into a beautiful and modern home. These shows make the whole process easy and that leaves you drooling about a flipped house. However, before purchasing that flipped home you have seen in your neighborhood, here are a few things to check.

Ensure Faucets and Appliances Are Working Correctly

A significant part of the project involving flipping a home is in the kitchen and bathroom most of the time. Turn on the taps and ensure there are no plumbing issues and that the faucets are not there just for aesthetics, but they are actually functional. 

Check Under the Cabinets

Some house flippers are more concerned with the cosmetic appeal of an item rather than the functionality. That is why you first need to check under the cabinets and ensure that the work done under the surface is excellent. Breeden Building advises one to pay special attention under the sink at the garbage disposal. If you see the wiring and disposal have been spray painted, it could be that the flipper is covering up outdated disposal.

Check the Attic

During a home tour, hardly does anyone look at the attic. However, making a quick stop can reveal what lies behind the new drywall. Since most attics hardly go through maintenance, here is where you will see whether there is a leaking roof, poor insulation, and even wiring defects. For instance, insulation is important, especially during winter when you just want to stay in and drink tea or coffee. On the other hand, wiring defects can cause a fire if the problem is not addressed. These are issues you can check before buying a house.

It is also essential to consider hiring a home inspector. Many people like skipping that part, especially when they see everything looking new and in order. However, apart from the above tips, a report from a home inspector will give you confidence about the house you are about to buy.