The Pros and Cons of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

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If you are thinking of installing IKEA kitchen cabinets, there are certain things you need to know first before making any final decision. Just like anything else, an IKEA kitchen has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. IKEA kitchens are popular because of their quality, design, versatility, and price; but despite these, IKEA kitchens too have limitations.

Here are some pros and cons of IKEA kitchen cabinets that you need to be aware of before purchase and installation.


1. IKEA kitchen cabinets are within your means. 

If you want your new kitchen to look high-end but you’re on a very tight budget, then IKEA Kitchen cabinets might just be the best solution for you.  Most people assume that gorgeous kitchens like those printed in magazines entail going all out on their renovation budget. This might be true to some, but not to those who know cost-saving alternatives like IKEA. IKEA Kitchen cabinets give your kitchen a high-end look for only a fraction of the usual price you see in the market. The best part is, instead of splurging all your money on a custom-made kitchen, you can use the extra money you have saved for other kitchen stuff like appliances, tiles, or benchtops.  

2. IKEA kitchen cabinets are of great quality.

IKEA kitchen cabinets and drawers are just gorgeously designed. IKEA also keeps releasing new features that add up to the neatness and elegance of their products. Not only that, they offer more configurations, more aesthetic options, more custom fronts, and more accessories for the finishing touches. 

3. The parts are easy to replace. 

There is no need to worry when some of the parts get damaged during installation. All you need to do is pick up new pieces from the IKEA store. They are very much available for your convenience. 

4. It’s worry-free because it comes with great warranty!

If you hire IKEA installers to install the kitchen, then you can take advantage of their 25-year warranty!

5. You can do it yourself!

If you are capable of installing the kitchen cabinets yourself, then fire away! Or you can even hire a different company to do the installation for you. It’s all about your preference. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the 25-year warranty which is offered by IKEA, of course.

6. You can have IKEA kitchen cabinets installed in many different ways. 

IKEA kitchen cabinets are very flexible as far as installation goes. This simply means that the system is easy to rearrange whenever you want to make changes.


1. The colour choices are limited. 

There is no problem with IKEA’s cabinetry because you can choose from a variety of modern to traditional designs and styles; however, if you are fond of colours then it’s going to be a bit of a problem. 

2. If you have tiny spaces, you can’t make the most out of them.

IKEA kitchen cabinets are not really suitable for small spaces. If you want to maximise your available kitchen space, including the poky ones, then you have to spend a little bit more moolah for a professional designer. This way, you can make most out of your available space and have more room for storage.  

3. Non-standard kitchen design choices are limited.

If you like a wider than standard island benchtop then it will not be available on IKEA, which means you have to hire another company to realise it for you. 

Here are some common questions people usually ask before getting an IKEA kitchen.

1. Are IKEA kitchen cabinets sturdy? Do IKEA kitchen cabinets last? 

Yes, they are sturdy and very durable. A number of IKEA kitchen owners confirmed this and you can read them through blogs and a number of articles. 

2. Are IKEA kitchen cabinets real wood? What are IKEA cabinets made of?

IKEA utilises different materials. Most pieces are built using MDF and particle boards. Both of these materials ensure strength and durability. The cabinet boxes are made of laminated veneer and particle boards. The cabinet doors and drawer fronts could be a combination of real wood and MDF, MDF and foil finish, MDF and paint, glass or metal.

3. How much does an IKEA kitchen really cost?

IKEA kitchen usually costs around $25,000 on average. 

4. How long does an IKEA kitchen installation take? How long does it take to assemble IKEA cabinets?

There is actually no definite timeframe for the assembly and installation of the cabinets. Some people do it faster than the other, considering their skills and experience. A lot of factors might also affect how fast the installation is done. However, according to some people who have installed IKEA kitchens themselves, it will take around eight hours for two adults to put together 10 cabinets on average. It will also take you around 30-40 minutes to unpack and assemble each box. 

5. Does IKEA fit their kitchens?

Yes. You actually have the option to select IKEA’s fitting service. This is advisable if you are a novice and don’t want to commit costly mistakes. The IKEA fitting service can help you do composite stone work stops for the sink and hob and installation which already include the fit work stops, fit cabinet, fit appliance, electrical test certificate, gas safe engineer and sink and tap. Their people will first have a look around before the visit. After the appointment, they will do another survey to check on everything. Their chaps are very knowledgeable with the IKEA range and will provide you some insightful suggestions that you might want to consider. 

6. Can you pay IKEA to assemble?

IKEA wants you to save money. This is the mere reason why they have designed their products to be assembled by you. Although IKEA products are specifically designed to be easily assembled, you can also seek help from IKEA’s Assembly Service partners.  IKEA has launched a furniture assembly service to help you assemble or put up confusing furniture. IKEA has partnered with TaskRabbit for quicker and more convenient assembly and mounting.