Suffering From Insomnia? A New Mattress can help – Here’s why

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It is amazing how many people suffer from insomnia and do not realise how an uncomfortable bed can be a major cause: We tend to put it down to work stress, too much caffeine etc and overlook our aging mattresses as a possible cause for our tossing and turning throughout the night. According to research by BUPA research the cost of lost productivity because of people suffering sleep deprivation in the UK is over one and a half billion. If you are suffering from insomnia here’s why investing in a new bed can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Choosing the Best Mattress – Getting it Right

The general consensus is to change your mattress every seven to ten years. There is a wide variety of bed types available, the most popular being memory foam, open spring and pocket spring. The type you choose is all down to personal preference. So long as it’s comfortable it’s the right bed for you. We spend approximately three thousand hours a year in bed! If you are uncomfortable it should not be too surprising how significant the effects of uncomfortable bed can have on your home and work life. Taking your time to choose the right mattress for you is essential.

It’s not all about the Mattress

Placing a good mattress on an old bed frame can not only affect the comfort of the mattress, it can also reduce its shelf life. If you are going to change the mattress it is also a good idea to buy a new frame. Of course budget is a genuine consideration but you might be very surprised at some of the bargains available, particularly from established low cost bed outlets some of which offer price matches guaranteeing the lowest prices available.

More Ways to Win the Insomnia War

Your bed is more than a base and mattress. Research indicates that your bedding also has a big role to play when battling insomnia. Being too warm or too cold, sleeping in scratchy sheets, these do not give you that ‘snug as a bug’ feeling which is important if you suffer from Insomnia. Wool duvets are considered to be the most breathable therefore help to regulate our body’s temperature when sleeping. Cotton sheets are also more breathable than polyester mixes. Another question, is your pillow comfortable? Don’t underestimate the effects a comfortable pillow can make on your sleep patterns.

Summary Making your bed a comfortable place is a key factor for insomnia sufferers. To give you some idea of how much this could change your life research by Warwick University in the UK indicate that a good night’s sleep can change our frame of mind as positively as winning £120,000 on the lottery! When you compare that almost “priceless feeling”, to the cost of even the most expensive beds, mattresses and bedding it seems like a small price to pay for starting every day the right way.  Say goodbye to the insomnia blues – Go find your new bed today.