Stocking a Fish Pond

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You love to fish and have a pond on your property. You can cut out those long trips to the lake by stocking your body of water with fish. There are many steps to follow to get the water ready for its new occupants.

Do Your Research

The first step you must accomplish is to call your state Department of Natural Resources to see what types of fish you can have in your pond. They are great sources for other questions like weed control for lakes. They manage the types of fish that work best in the state and will benefit the environment around them. 

Test the Waters

Once you have a plan to proceed, you will want to test the water in your pond to see if it can support life. Take a sample and send it in to be evaluated. If it is less than ideal for your fish, you will need to find out what you can add to balance out the chemistry of the pond. While you wait for the test, you can clean up any garbage that might have made its way into the area. If the banks are heavily weeded, you can pull some to even it out. Vegetation can be great for the water but too much can trap the fish.

Stock Up

Once you know the water is safe, you can proceed with stocking it. Be sure to add a large quantity of minnows to the mix for the larger fish to feed on. You will need to add more fish every spring and fall to make up for the ones that you have caught and might die naturally. If you want the area to be just for you and invited guests, you will want to put up a fence to keep any outside participants from taking advantage of your pond.