Simple Ways to Prevent Heavy Soot Buildup

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Soot is a major problem that can impact air circulation in a chimney shaft. If a lot of soot generates in a chimney, a fire could ignite. Although the process of preventing heavy soot buildup seems tough, there are simple ways to stop the problem before it happens.

Use Proper Wood

Many types of wood can burn a steady fire in a fireplace. However, only a few wood species can fuel a fire without producing a lot of soot. Among all of the options, hardwoods are one of the best wood types for a residential fireplace. The top hardwood species include

  • Oak: Oak is a great option for storage outdoor situations. If you put white oak in a shed, it’s water resistance properties will block moisture.
  • Ash: Ash wood is a strong, slow burning wood. This wood is easy to transport because it’s lightweight.
  • Elm: Elm wood is available as a hard and soft wood. The hardwood option is efficient as it doesn’t split easily.
  • Birch: Birch is a very inexpensive option. Although birch has thin grains, it still burns for a very long time.

Use Dry Wood

When wood is dry, it burns better in a fireplace. If wood is damp, a fire won’t burn properly for hours, and smoke will generate soot in a chimney shaft.

The process of acquiring dry wood is simple as you can buy logs from a reputable supply store. After you’re purchased the wood, always store it in a place that has no leaks in order to keep the material dry.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

In some cases, soot will still gradually build up inside a chimney shaft. When this happen, you must let a professional DC chimney sweep eliminate the greasy grime.

By preventing soot buildup, your fireplace will operate efficiently and safely. If you use hardware that’s dry and chimney maintenance services, the process of maintaining your chimney won’t be a hassle.