the legal status of the offender from a convict with a certain sentence can be removed by us using the services of OSCN, where a number of his rights are limited. For example, a person may not own a firearm, become an adoptive parent, be elected to state bodies, to occupy several positions (for example, related to the disposal of tangible assets – to persons who have committed a crime of greed, as well as to become judges, prosecutors, lawyers, Police ), and others

Criminal Record

a criminal record can serve as the basis for non-bank credit, as well as an unofficial reason for refusal to work. Also, it is important for the formation of recidivism. criminal record – an aggravating circumstance, that the court takes into account when assigning a sentence to the accused. Also during the second crime, clauses can be used, for example, when a theft, which contains more severe penalties.
There are convictions after convictions continue while serving their sentence, as well as for the period prescribed by law.

Redemption and removal of faith – 2 ways to break.

In the first case, the action is stopped automatically. According to Part 3 of the Article in full of the previous conviction:

1. a person who is conditionally sentenced after a probationary period;
2. the person is sentenced to a sentence that does not involve deprivation of liberty (subtle, restriction of liberty, arrest, etc.), one year after the completion of the sentence;
3. a person who has committed a minor, moderate crime, sentenced to prison – within 3 years;
4. people convicted of serious crimes – after 6 years;
5. people convicted of the most serious crimes – up to 8 years.
In both cases, a court or an amnesty decision must be the solution.

How to delete a criminal record? we can use Oklahoma Court Records
the law provides for such a possibility. We want to stay ahead of his right to address a petition to the court. It doesn’t matter what category the crime was committed, as long as he serves his full sentence, including extra.

Deleting a Criminal Record

Deleting a criminal record should be done only if the behavior of the person applying for it is impeccable. In addition, it must pass a period that will shonormally showt less than 1/2 below the Section 3 Article 86 limit. The concept of “good behavior” by the legislator was not disclosed. But when deciding whether the court can consider the availability of administrative offenses, compensation for losses caused by the crime, describing materials collected by ATS employees, the presence of dependent minor children, and a number of other circumstances.

Before you go to court with a request to withdraw a criminal record, it is advisable to prepare some documents yourself. In particular, demand will not prevent the characteristics of the place to live and work. In this case, it is more likely, that they will be positive.

Deleting a criminal record in advance, in accordance with Article 74 of Part 1 of the Criminal Code, it is possible to conditionally be punished that his behavior during the probationary period proves correction. In this case, the submission of submissions, behavior monitoring, can be tried to try people experiment and reverse. Mandatory condition – must expire not less than half the probationary period.

Payments and convictions take into account all resulting legal consequences. That is, it cannot be considered when convicting people for new crimes committed, in determining whether the disease recurs. With its payment (withdrawal) also ceases to operate certain rights of a person.

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