Scandinavian Style Bathroom Design

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In general, bathrooms can be divided into two types, namely wet and dry. Wet bathrooms usually have a water reservoir. Dry bathrooms usually provide a special place for people who bathe. The method of bathing is also different, usually using a shower or sitting or half lying down and soaking in a bathtub. Some also prepare an extra wide shower curtain 84 x 72. One of the bathroom designs that are comfortable and has a modern minimalist style is Scandinavian. The reason is that this style can make the bathroom look simple but still attractive. Not to mention the harmonious balance between function and form, which is quite difficult to find at the same time. So it is not surprising that Scandinavian is the design choice of many people in realizing their dream home.
Scandinavian Bathroom Design

  1. The combination of yellow and white gives a wide impression
    To make the size of the bathroom look spacious, you can use a combination of white and soft yellow. With these two color combinations, you can give the impression of being spacious, clean, and airy. It also helps optimize the lighting in the room. To make the room more attractive, you can use some ornamental plants, mirrors, or other types of minimalist decorations as decorations.
  2. The touch of the motif on the bathroom wall will make the room beautiful in Scandinavian style
    White is not always boring because you can apply bathroom walls with your favorite motif. To make it happen, you can use wall stickers or choose patterned ceramics. So that a small room looks spacious, you can also place a mirror in the right area.
  3. Gray and white are neutral colors that can never go wrong
    Entering a modern bathroom with a Scandinavian concept, then the color gray is impossible to miss. The reason is this style is very close to light colors and is neutral. In the concept, white is usually the dominant color, which is then refined with other soft colors.
  4. To design an elegant minimalist bathroom design, use natural stone as a wall covering
    To design an elegant bathroom design, use natural stone as a wall covering. The reason is the use of natural stone will produce the perfect balance between contrasting styles and textures, and provide a beautiful focal point. Not only as a wall covering, because it exposes a natural style, but it can also be used as a bathroom partition, which separates two different rooms. For example the shower area with other areas.
  5. Wood can be used to create a simple yet elegant bathroom
    For a beautiful bathroom, you can use various sources from nature, one of which is wood. Many people think that this type of material is not good enough, because it cannot withstand moisture, let alone water. However, it turns out that some types of ironwood can adapt well to water. It is proven that this type of wood is often used to support houses on river flows in the Kalimantan area. So it can be concluded that ironwood can be a strong material used for bathrooms. But because the population is almost extinct, this type of wood is no longer traded. Instead, there are many synthetic wood products that are waterproof and can be an alternative.