Pets can be one of the joys of homeowners

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Keeping animals such as cats, dogs, and other pets is a common thing for many people. However, for those of you who keep animals at home, it is important to make Pet safe eco garden ideas for your Calgary property.

That way, besides the animals, will be happy to live in a comfortable home, you will also find it easier and less hassle to take care of them.

  1. Use tiles as a floor mat. First, you must understand that these Calgary real estate pets will generally be doing a lot of activities on the floor.

Animals like cats and dogs love to run and roam your home. Therefore, if you want your home to be more pet-friendly, then avoid using carpets on the floor. You should still leave the house tiled, ceramic, or marble.

2. Get rid of toxic items or liquids Next, start to get rid of harmful and potentially harmful items or fluids for consumption by your pet. You certainly know that pets run their activities based on instinct. It is not impossible if the animal eats or drinks dangerous goods. You can start by switching from using a toxic room cleaner to a safe liquid for the first step. Not infrequently pets such as dogs usually lick the floor surface of the house. Furthermore, you must also pay attention to securing trash and food storage locations that are easily accessible. Foods that you may not think are harmful can actually be fatal to the animal. Foods like grapes, raisins, chocolate, coffee beans, nutmeg, and most sugar-free foods can cause problems ranging from kidney failure to seizures.

3. Limit the movement of animals in your home You certainly need to limit which spaces can be accessed by pets at home, such as the living room, yard, kitchen, and so on. Meanwhile, other rooms such as family bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, and bathroom spaces need to be limited by locking or closing them so that your animals don’t enter. In raising animals, of course, you must not forget yourself and the residents of the house to also be able to ensure their health, especially when resting.

4. Choose a rug, curtains, which can be cleaned. If you still want to use a rug, then you can choose a rug that is easy to clean and wash. You can also apply this to equipment such as curtains, fabrics, blankets, and others. That way, it will be easy for you to remove stains, and dirt caused by pets.

5. Keep air freshener Using an air freshener is not a good way to do it if you have pets at home. The reason is, the air freshener or deodorizer can poison the animals you keep. The fragrance also includes perfume for the body.

6. Don’t leave the windows wide open You might think leaving the windows open to get some fresh air in the house is a good idea if you have pets. However, wide-open windows can actually pose a danger to your pet. In fact, many pets, especially cats, fall a lot from windows or the term High Rise Syndrome. The incident leaves thousands of cats seriously injured every year. Not only that but dogs are also known to be able to jump through windows if they see prey such as squirrels or cats that happen to pass by. You should make sure the windows of the house are securely attached and never leave them wide enough for pets to enter when you are not at home.