Never Squish Those Spiders on Your House

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Spiders are voracious predators that silently wait in the darkness to attack unsuspecting humans and eat them up – right? That is actually partly correct. The eight-legged monsters are insatiable eaters that consume over 750 tons of insects every year, but most species shy away from humans. Yes, the arachnids are great for keeping the insect population under control, but what happens when they invade the outside of your home and nest under your siding, in your eaves, or up in the corners of your house? Well, scientists tell you that you should never squish those spiders – for a very good reason.


Spiders are very territorial creatures that exhibit aggressive behavior to other spiders that may invade their established home-grounds. Yes, they are cannibals and will kill and eat other spiders that get too near the webs they set up, but more importantly, they enjoy taking over new areas. So, when you kill a spider and the pheromones spread out, you are actively sending out a signal to all the spiders for hundreds of feet around that a new territory has become available. The next thing you know, there will be a spider war for territory near where you squished the spider.


If you don’t enjoy seeing all the spiders and their webs hanging around your home, call a spider pest control team to spray your yard with an eco-friendly concoction that will kill the spiders and their eggs, but that will not send out any pheromones to attract even more arachnids. Although more than 80 percent of the spiders on earth are good for insect maintenance, others can be deadly to humans and pets. When your exterminator sprays, make sure the yard is included in the deal and get rid of black widows and brown recluses.

The next time you run into a spider, fight your natural inclination to squish the monstrous creature. Instead, call a pest control team and have the area sprayed.