Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities
Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

If you’re looking for the latest trends in bathroom vanities, you’ve come to the right place. There are several styles and trends, from wood and marble to clawfoot tubs. Here are some examples of what to look for. If you’re not sure where to start, try following these trends fromĀ bathroom vanities Brookfield WI. They will guide you in your bathroom design selections. You can even find a bathroom vanity that matches the theme of your entire house.

Neutral Colors

For the 2021 color trend, this neutral color will be everywhere. This versatile hue is compatible with many other colors, including white and blue. Gray is the perfect neutral color for the bathroom and works well with modern, minimalist interiors. Besides being versatile, gray is also a cool neutral, so you can liven it up by using brighter accents. 


One of the most common trends in 2022 is the trend toward warmer colors, cozier decor, and natural textures. These trends are intended to make the bathroom appear more welcoming. To achieve this look, wood countertops can be used. These types of countertops have plenty of grain, while the ribs and fluting add softness and interest to the vanity. In addition to adding visual warmth, wood finishes are also eco-friendly.


While marble has long been a popular choice for bathrooms, the latest trends focus on countertops. While marble is a classic choice for the countertop, the floor, and the backsplash, newer varieties bring a modern touch to this timeless material. While traditional white and gray Carrara marble is still popular, newer warmer shades are on trend. A gray vanity is a classic pairing for marble, and natural wood and marble are both staples of clean, warm designs. Matte fixtures with warm-toned metals are also hot.

Clawfoot Tubs

If you are planning to update your bathroom, consider clawfoot tubs. These are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design, and they are a great option to combine with many different types of tile, including subway tile, wood look tiles, and natural stone. Not only are these tubs beautiful and functional, but they are also easy to maintain. 

Thicker Countertops

You can choose from several materials if you are in the market for new bathroom vanity. You can choose from laminate or stainless steel. Laminate is the cheapest but also the least durable material. Other choices include soapstone or concrete. These materials will last for many years and can even be beautiful if you add some stamping or coloring. Before choosing a material, make sure it will work with the rest of your bathroom.

Natural Textures

Warming things up is the focus of the latest trends on bathroom vanities for 2022. Warm colors, cozier decor, and natural textures are all in. The latter adds visual warmth while adding texture to the vanity. Wood is a great choice for a warm bathroom, and fluting and ribs add interesting details that don’t feel manufactured. With their rich, natural grain and subtle wood textures, Wooden vanities are among the best options for 2022.

Floating Sinks

Floating sinks are an excellent option if you want to save space in your bathroom. Floating sinks in bathroom vanities are easier to install than traditional sinks, and you can even choose to have both the sink and the cabinet above it floating. But this design does have some drawbacks. First, it leaves less space for cabinetry. So if the vanity is your only storage space, consider choosing a double sink vanity.

Open Bottoms

Open-bottom bathroom vanities add a contemporary look without sacrificing storage space. They also provide extra storage space and add an element of drama to a bathroom. This vanity also provides plenty of room to store towels and toiletries. Open-bottom bathroom vanities are more popular than ever, but they may not be right for every bathroom. Consider these tips to make the right decision for your space. Open-bottom bathroom vanities have many benefits.

Cooler Tones

Among the top three colors for bathroom vanities, gray is one of the most versatile choices. Its subtle undertones of green and blue will add depth to any bathroom without being too stark or bland. Roycroft Pewter is an excellent example of this. With an LRV of 13 and a medium-dark shade, it’s the perfect choice for a modern or traditional bathroom.