How To Set Up Your Home Office For Success

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Follow these simple tips to ensure your home office is set up for you to stay focused and productive.


First, find the best location in your home to make your office. Use a door or privacy divider to create a more private area. Establish your space somewhere you won’t be interrupted and can avoid loud noises. This can be a separate space or its own room, depending on what you have available. Make sure the area is well lit. If you are not near windows that let in natural light, set up a few lamps to brighten up the area. Don’t worry about needing a large amount of room to make it work. There are various kinds of space-saving home office furniture Indianapolis like standing desks and floating shelves.

Setting Up

When you set up your space to work, be careful not to sacrifice comfort. You will be spending a lot of time in your home office, so you’ll want to get a comfortable office chair that offers good back and neck support. Set up a standing desk to encourage yourself to stand and stretch more often. Purchase blue light glasses to reduce strain on your eyes from staring at your phone and computer screens all day. Use a drawer organizer to help keep your desk neat and free from clutter. Hook up all your electronics ahead of time to make sure everything is working and keep all wires detangled.


Spruce up the area and help keep your mood lifted with appropriate office decorations. Keeping office plants can help purify the air and brighten up the room. Add your own personality and style with framed photos, throw pillows or decorative pieces of art. Be sure not to include anything too distracting and be careful not to overcrowd your workspace.

Without the proper home office setting, it’s easy to lose productivity and focus when working from home.