How To Identify Hidden Leaks

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As any homeowner can attest, plumbing leaks are inevitable. Taking good care of your pipes and plumbing system is a great way to avoid issues, but sometimes things happen. Whether a tree branch grows through some lines in the ground or an older pipe connection fails, it’s important to know what signs to look for. Use leak repair Atlantic Beach FL services if you don’t feel comfortable looking for leaks on your own.

Check the Meter

If your bill has been creeping up unexpectedly and you suspect you might have a leak, the water meter will help answer your questions. Turn off all of the water faucets and make sure that the dishwasher and washing machine aren’t in use. Ensure that no one uses the water while you are conducting your test. Write down the numbers on the water meter and then come back an hour later and recheck the numbers. If they have changed, then you have a leak.  

Look Under Cabinets and Behind Appliances

Check all cabinets under the sinks in your home to make sure that they are dry. Inspect areas around toilets, tubs, and shower and beneath the dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine. Feel for soggy walls to see if a pipe inside the wall is leaking. Furthermore, look for bubbling or discolored paint. If you suspect that you have an issue, immediately turn off the water supply valve to that water source. 

Check the Lawn

Sometimes leaks can happen outside of the house in the lawn, where a buried water pipe could be leaking. If you notice patches of grass that grow faster than the rest and are much greener, it could indicate a leak. Additionally, if you have random puddles in your yard or unexplained muddy patches, it could be signs of a leak.