How To Ensure That Your Tap Water Is Clean

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The water that comes out of your faucet is an essential part of your daily life. You use it to hydrate, wash your hands and face, cook and take showers. It’s indisputable that water is vital to many areas of your health, but is the tap water you’re drinking safe? Follow these guidelines to ensure that the water in your home is clean, and find out what you can do if it isn’t.

Check for Rust

Water that has a rusty appearance is setting off all kinds of warning bells. Rust typically indicates that the water contains high levels of copper, lead, iron or manganese. You can tell if your water contains rust by inspecting the color of the liquid. Orange, yellow or brown water usually points to a rust problem. Be sure to address this issue right away before bacteria begins to accumulate and makes your tap water unsafe to drink.

Pay Attention to Odors

In most cases, an unpleasant odor coming from your tap means that there’s something wrong. Different odors are a result of different problems, so be sure to call for water testing Pittsburgh to determine the source of the strange smell. Keep in mind that certain odors can be dangerous to you and your family, so contact a professional immediately.

Watch Out for Unusual Tastes

In most cases, your taste buds can alert you that your tap water isn’t safe to drink. If you notice a bitter, fishy or metallic taste when consuming water from your faucet, dump it right away. You can either install a water filter or contact your water company to bring your drinking water back to normal.

Ensuring that your tap water is clean is essential to your overall health. Be sure to put in the extra effort to verify that the water you drink is completely safe.