The bathroom is one of the top home renovations people do. People do more than bathe in the space. Some want a spa-like experience and others simply want to rid the home of unsightly colors or old styles. Here are some ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams starting with the shower.


A custom-made shower lets you completely customize the look, feel and size of the shower. Using specialty glass West Palm Beach, you can create a seamless shower without the frame. The look is beautiful, modern and inviting. The glass can be customized to fill the space, have the door size you need and create short walls where tile doesn’t go high enough.


Pre-fab showers are already designed and offer a cheaper alternative for those on a budget. You can still use a frameless shower door for a more modern look. These single-piece stalls have minimal options but offer great water tightness at a low cost.


Rethink the shape and style of your shower. While standard rectangles are functional and sleek, there are more options. Take over the corner with a neo-angle enclosure or maximize a small space with a curved enclosure. Keep your tub with a new take on the tub-shower combo with high-end tile, deep tub, modern fixtures and built-in shelving. A corner enclosure fills in a small space, but the quarter-pie wedge looks anything but inelegant.


Renovating the bathroom is a perfect time to increase the water pressure in your shower and ensure you can have the right temperature coming out of the faucet. When hot water is an issue in the home or you cannot run new lines, you may want to think about an electric shower. All it takes is cold water because the heating unit is built right into the head. Thermostatic showers are great for families since they allow for consistent temperatures depending on who is using them. Or go for the tried-and-true manual shower. The fixture combinations can help transform the shower.