Get Your Backyard Ready for Entertaining

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Many people thrive on entertaining friends and family, especially outdoors during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like a grilled meal and a few hanging lights to put people in a party mood. The yard of your dreams doesn’t just exist in magazines, it can be your reality. If your back yard is not quite up to snuff, here are a few tips for ways you might accomplish that.

Amp Up the Landscaping

Create an attractive landscape in your backyard by using a variety of textural plants, brightly colored flowers and a thriving lawn. Create some pathways or ledges out of stacked stone or brick to add interest and for ease of moving about. And don’t forget a patio area where chairs can be sat on without sinking into the grass. This could also be made out of stacked stone, brick or concrete.

Central Gathering Place

Add a central gathering spot away from the eating area where people can lounge, dance or mingle around. This might be a fabulous area for some sort of fire pit. Whether you’re making s’mores, warming up or just setting an atmosphere, consider a metal sphere fire pit that can also create drama and visual interest.

Light it Up

Mood lighting is just as important in the yard as it is inside your home. Prepare the yard and walkways by placing solar lighting amongst the plantings and along paths to help your guests see where they’re going. The ever-popular Edison lights are always attractive hanging around the patio or strung between posts. You might consider some type of lanterns on the tables or covered candles for a little dining ambience

Whatever you choose to do, you can’t go too far wrong with a nice atmosphere, great food and a group of people you enjoy. Making the most of your yard can bring you joy throughout the warm summer months.