ECO HOUSE, Tips to Build Environmentally Friendly Homes

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Eco-house or an environmentally friendly home is one way to contribute to protecting the environment. Designing eco-houses has become a common provision when planning to build a house. Eco-house means designing a house from all aspects of both inside and out that are in operation, construction, to maintain the house will not have a negative impact on the environment. Some things related to eco-houses are sustainable buildings in terms of resilience, economy, needs, and comfort, and air requirements in the home.

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The method of this house is to make a house that can store energy to make the environment more beautiful. With the current environmental conditions, professional architects also apply eco-house design because it is their responsibility, where they have to build houses that do not damage the environment. Visit the Ductless Air Installation for you to consult about installing environmentally friendly installation water

The use of materials that are good for the environment will save costs. Eco-house also makes the house more comfortable with a design that still takes into account its aesthetics. Here’s how to design an environmentally friendly home (eco-house).

1. Location and State of the Site

When going to buy a piece of land to build a house, you need to look at the situation around the chosen location. Pay attention to the shape of the land so that the building orientation can be seen later. Also, consider access to homes such as public transportation and the distance of the house to other public areas such as markets or bus stops.

2. Building orientation

After choosing a location, the house must, of course, have a building orientation that avoids many openings in the west and east directions. The climate on location will also affect the shape of buildings such as places with hot climates opening large window openings on the north side of the building. Then in the south, a smaller window is designed along with its shadings like a canopy or critical to avoid direct sunlight entering the house. Whereas for colder climates the design is reversed from hot climates. Understanding the orientation of the house will make the home more comfortable.

3. Use of material

Material is one of the main points in designing eco-houses. Because a lot can be done by choosing the right material for the home. Choose materials made from natural materials such as cement, brick, bamboo, wood, ceramics, steel, and so on. Recycling old or unused material can be one of the easier ways to decorate a house.

4. Wall Material

For wall materials choose materials that can absorb heat such as bricks. Fireproof and absorbs heat from the sun and low water absorption. The use of ceramics is also good because of the low maintenance and beautiful appearance of the building.

5. Floor Material

The use of flooring materials will depend on the function of the room. Granite, parakeet, ceramics, bamboo, marble, and wood can be an option. But for materials that are more environmentally friendly, you can use wood and bamboo for the bedroom.

6. The need for cool air

Amid dense population, it is certainly very difficult for us to get cool air, so we have to install environmentally friendly HVAC, you can get it by contacting the Ductless Air Installation so that even if you install HVAC at home, you don’t damage the environment