Easy Ways to Renovate Bathrooms on a Low Budget
Easy Ways to Renovate Bathrooms on a Low Budget

A small drawer is usually found in the kitchen but is now widely used as storage for razors or aromatherapy in the bathroom. That’s how interior trends can change the appearance and function of a space to be much different from before. No need for a high budget, you just need to use your creative power to start doing small renovations.

Yes, the bathroom is one of the rooms that require special attention to be rearranged. Apart from being a place to clean themselves, some people also choose to relax from tiring daily activities such as soaking in a bathtub. Well, if you feel that the appearance of the bathroom already looks boring, then it’s time to do a light renovation that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Choose Quality

Before you start spending money on new furniture, you should begin to consider exactly what repairs are needed. For example, in a narrow room, then you just need to buy a little furniture but of good quality. That way you will not waste expenses in vain and make the bathroom look neat and comfortable to visit.

Managing Chaos

An easy way to keep the bathroom clean and tidy is to provide a waste basket in the bathroom. “The basket is a very useful tool for storing dirty clothes or toilet paper,” says Chapman. You don’t have to shop for expensive furniture to create a fancy design.

Chapman Peterson gives the example of buying bathroom furniture at garage seals or large supermarkets and department stores. “You will be amazed to see the dirt that might be produced can be arranged in such a neat way,” he said.

Meanwhile, to deal with a narrow bathroom space, Peterson suggests looking for storage space that is vertical upwards. Find wall-mounted storage such as shelves and cabinets that sit above the sink. Don’t forget to choose covered shelves to keep things dry and make the bathroom look tidy.

It is possible that you can buy these units at relatively affordable prices at the nearest furniture store. The budget is less than IDR 500,000 so you can save even more money.

Choose Affordable Price Furniture

To save even more money when shopping for bathroom furniture, check out retail stores like IKEA or JSYK for some white wood furniture. The prices they offer are relatively affordable, especially if there are discount offers. Choose a wardrobe with foggy door glass for

Another vertical storage option is a wall shelf, which is made of glass. Glass shelves have been chosen for many years for bathroom decoration. Even though the price is quite even, you can also find one that costs around Rp. 800,000. If you don’t like folded towels stacked in a drawer, then you can choose to buy a towel rail hanger that is installed in front of the door with prices starting from IDR 75,000 only.

Don’t Be Tempted by Style Gimmicks

Since your goal is to renovate on an affordable budget, avoid choosing the latest stylish furniture at high prices. Sometimes furniture stores offer the latest designer styles to tempt you to buy one set at a time. You also don’t need to add a curtain in the bathroom if it’s not really needed. The display actually makes the bathroom look messy. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about art music yoga-ez.