Different Reasons For Tree Removal

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What are some problems associated with tree removal? Compaction is one of the main problems affecting urban trees. Compaction involves an increase in soil resistance, a decrease in porosity, a decrease in liquid porosity, oxygen, and nutrients. The immediate consequence of the reduction in root growth is the reduction of the aerial part. Likewise, the reduction in the extension and the greater superficiality of the roots can cause problems of instability of the trees and danger of falling.

Opened Trenches

The opening of trenches in the vicinity of the base of the tree can lead to the loss of 50% of the root system, causing problems of stability and viability of the tree. On these occasions, it is necessary to make tunnels or open ditches manually to avoid or reduce damage to the roots. To allow the maximum development of the trees, we would have to ensure that they have the maximum exploration soil, giving more preference to width than depth.

Wrong Pruning

Wrong pruning causes strange, unbalanced growth, and trees that become weak and insecure. The tree, devoid of branches and leaves exhausts its energies. Those vigorous and straight shoots that appear on severely pruned trees are not signs of vigor after the intervention, as is erroneously thought, but a desperate and expensive attempt to create leaves at full speed so as not to die. The badly pruned tree loses life expectancy.

The Main Reason

So why do we systematically and severely cut down the trees in cities? Well, because in most cases, there are no other choices since many of the species that grow in cities were not well-chosen in their day. They are too big for the narrow street they are on, or the trees were planted so close together or on such unsuitable ground that they protrude from the space or grow crooked or pointing their branches at passers-by or cars. The pruning is a patch to a problem that was generated at the time of planting because there has been no planning. If you have a tree in your yard that needs to be removed, contact a reputable company providing tree removal Griswold CT-located.