Decorative concrete continues as a popular option for homeowners

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For those looking to get a new look for their outdoor space, decorative concrete is something to consider.  Concrete patios and walkways have been a mainstay in landscaping and backyard designs due to the durability of concrete and the low cost when compared to other options.  Concrete driveways have also been a common choice for homeowners.

But with innovations being developed, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice design elements in order to incorporate concrete into the design of their outdoor space.  Your local decorative concrete contractor  has many tools and materials at their disposal to transform any concrete patio, walkway or driveway. 

What has made decorative concrete so popular is that it marries the best of both worlds.  Concrete has always been budget-friendly, environmentally friendly, durable and versatile.  Now, though, it can also be aesthetically pleasing and versatile.  That’s why decorative concrete has become so popular in landscaping projects


Probably one of the most popular decorative concrete features being used in landscape designs is stained concrete.  Using stains and coloring can enhance the overall design, transforming an industrial and cold element into one that blends more seamlessly into the natural landscape and evokes warmth and comfort.  Color infused into concrete allows you to extend the color scheme from indoors to outdoors creating an extension of your home. 

The great thing about using concrete stains is that the color penetrates the porous concrete and therefore is an integral part of the material versus paint that just sits on the surface and is susceptible to chipping, peeling and flaking.  Staining really is the best choice in terms of infusing your concrete surface with color, especially for outdoor projects.


Stamped concrete is a very common type of decorative concrete that basically adds texture and design to any concrete surface.  The contractor uses a mold and stamps the design onto the top of the concrete.  Stamped concrete can be made to look like wood flooring, bricks and natural stone.  The versatility is what has made this design feature so widespread.  Obviously, color is applied to the stamped concrete designs in order to mimic the other type of flooring material and surface. 


Polished concrete is quickly gaining popularity and there are many reasons why.  For starters, because it is concrete, it is among one of the most affordable options for patios, or even indoor flooring. Not only this, but you can actually use an existing concrete slab and simply polish it to update and repair the surface.  Beyond this, polished concrete is water resistant, easy to clean, low maintenance, super-durable and affordable, making it a popular choice.  It can also be used in conjunction with stains to add color. 

In terms of maintenance, concrete of all types has always been easy to maintain. Except for resealing concrete and occasional need to fix cracks that have formed due to shifting soil, concrete requires no ongoing maintenance.  In fact, concrete is known for its durability and low maintenance which is why it has always been a popular choice.  However, when it comes to stamped concrete, it’s important to note a few guidelines.  You should avoid using pressure washing to clean your stamped concrete patio.  You should also plan to reseal your stamped concrete surface every couple of years.  See if your concrete contractor has a maintenance plan you can invest in to ensure your decorative concrete lasts.