Creative Tips for Magic Kitchen Dreams Come True
Creative Tips for Magic Kitchen Dreams Come True

kitchen set- It is undeniable that the kitchen is the most important part of a house. Not only in terms of the function of the kitchen, but it is also an element of the room that can affect the beauty and comfort of the whole house.

The kitchen is synonymous with a dirty impression considering that cooking activities are carried out here. That’s why designing a kitchen to look neat, clean, and comfortable is a challenge, especially if the kitchen area is limited.

The minimalist concept is the solution. The key is in the arrangement of the right kitchen set components. That way a beautiful kitchen can be realized. Here are some ideas for tackling a small kitchen space with some creations, what are they?

Elegant Minimalist U-Shape Kitchen Design

The U-shaped kitchen concept provides a neat and efficient combination. The key lies in the composition of the placement of the stove and the sink facing each other. This arrangement makes it easy to move around when cooking and washing foodstuffs.

The position of the tableware rack and refrigerator should also not be far from the stove and dishwasher. This is intended to make it easy to reach food ingredients, wash them, and cook them.

Elegant Minimalist L-Shape Kitchen Design

The L-shaped minimalist small kitchen is the most widely used kitchen design. This design is able to bring a comfortable and elegant atmosphere to the kitchen and the impression of the room becomes wider.

In this design, shelves are an important element in a minimalist kitchen. It is intended to store cooking utensils so that the kitchen does not look messy. Installing a hanging shelf or cupboard on one part of the wall is an option for a minimalist kitchen.
To add natural lighting, install a window large enough on one side. Make sure this window is directly facing out to provide lighting as well as function as an air vent.

Minimalist Natural Kitchen Design

Installation of an elongated kitchen set on one side of the kitchen wall can be a solution in designing a narrow kitchen. That way you can more freely move in the kitchen. To give a different impression, apply natural nuances by giving a touch of natural rock to give a natural impression.

Cheerful Minimalist Kitchens Design

Your house is small so the space for the kitchen also becomes narrow? Why not try to combine the kitchen and living room at once? Add a touch of orange to give a cheerful impression.

For a kitchen that is combined with this family room, the installation of a circular kitchen set is the right choice. This shape can make the kitchen look more modern and unique. You can complete the kitchen design at the front with a dining table or minibar with additional chairs.

Minimalist Kitchens Design with Bright Green Shades

For many people, the use of green in the kitchen may not be familiar. Even though a kitchen design with a bright green color can bring an atmosphere full of warmth. If you are looking for information about travel you can visit this site kelilingkota

Kitchen designs with bright green colors are able to bring an atmosphere full of warmth and joy to the kitchen. In fact, the cooking atmosphere will become more exciting and feel fresher.

For a minimalist design, install a simple, elongated kitchen set on the side of the wall or an L-shaped letter in the corner of the kitchen. Give a touch of light green color to the kitchen set and walls so that your minimalist kitchen looks cleaner, beautiful, bright, and fresh.

Add a dining table with matching colored chairs. You can use this furniture as a dining table so that the kitchen can function as a simple dining room.