The kitchen is one of the most commonly used spaces in any home. The heart of many households is the kitchen, as it stores many important utensils, appliances, and raw materials. Since the space is used for cooking, storage, and entertainment, keeping everything tidy can feel like a far-away reality. 

Cooking spatulas and knives fight for space in drawers, spices and jars get mixed up in cabinet space, and pots and pans get stacked to the brim to the point of no return. However, there are unique ways to organize your cabinets to keep the kitchen clear of clutter and add some space to the household. By keeping the essentials accessible, homeowners can focus on the fun part of using the space, like cooking and entertainment. We spoke to the cabinet experts at Edgewood Cabinetry here in the Raleigh North Carolina area, and here are some of their recommended kitchen modifications which can help keep your kitchen shelves clear and everything well organized: 

Rack Items for Simplicity

Racks allow for creativity and accessibility. There are many different kinds of racks that are available for storage purposes. Racks can keep your things organized, separated, and displayed for ease of use. While racks are not a new concept, consider incorporating a behind-the-door rack for your spices, or a hanging rack for your wine. Racks can eliminate clutter by storing a lot, especially when used correctly.

Invest in Lazy Susans

While the name hints at being idle, lazy susans are extremely productive. Lazy susans, turntables for counters, tables, and cupboards, make goods easier to reach.. Lazy susans take away the hassle of having to move things aside or take things out of the cabinets to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, if your cabinet has shelves, you can incorporate multiple lazy susans in one for the most efficiency.

Add Slide-Out Shelves

Slide-out shelves can be handy for anything, including common items that always end up cluttering the counter space, Sliding shelves and drawers can go inside the cabinet, and slide out above the already built-in cabinet shelves for more storage space, These shelves can treble the amount of storage you have in your cabinets and also help you better organize your belongings.

Utilize Vertical Space with Hooks

Cabinet real estate is crucial when you have a lot of stuff, so utilizing all the space within your cabinet is a great way to add more depth, This includes the vertical space in the back of your cabinet and behind the door. With hooks, you can hang oven mitts, cooking aprons, utensils, paper towels, and more. Not only does this make your cabinets more space-efficient, but it can also free up some drawer space for other things.

Incorporate Pull-Downs and Pull-Out Cabinets

Pull-out and pull-down cabinets are great for things like garbage or recycling. They clear up floor space and hide the things we may not want to display. Pull-out cabinets make kitchen cleanup easier by hiding everything.

Get Creative

Sometimes we need to play Tetris with our kitchen utensils and appliances to ensure we are organizing them in the most efficient way possible. Implementing unique ways to organize your cabinet space is a step in the right direction for any kitchen, Bob Villa suggests 15 ways to organize your pantry which can also create more space in your kitchen which will allow you to add any items you might have wanted to add, but just didn’t have the space to add them.

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