Cook Up These 3 Kitchen Upgrades Before Selling a Home

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If you’re getting ready to list your home on the real estate market, you’re likely exploring every avenue to yield a greater profit. Many savvy sellers have turned to renovation projects to gain a competitive edge. Some focus on the outside, as painting a house’s exterior and improving landscaping features are great ways to increase initial interest. Chances are, however, that the interior also needs an upgrade. After all, it’s inside where an individual will spend the majority of his or her time. While new furniture and décor can quickly change the look of a bedroom, living room or dining room, a homebuyer is pretty much stuck with the kitchen they acquire. Kitchen remodels, then, are considered one of the most important renovations a homeowner can make before selling. Here are three tips for a quick kitchen upgrade.

Paint It

Kitchen walls have seen it all. Splatters and stains tell the stories of many delicious dinners, but don’t look so appetizing for prospective buyers. Wipe down and wash all walls and follow up with a fresh coat of paint. Although whites and yellows have been popular colors in the past, blues and grays are more in vogue today. Soft and neutral tones of the colors may add $1,800 to the sell price.

Surface Service

If you’ve used your kitchen much, the countertops likely have chips, nicks and other signs of wear and tear. Replacing old worn-out surfaces with shiny new ones gives a kitchen an immediate boost. Install granite or Marble Countertops in Milwaukee WI or your region for a sleek, durable and modern design.

Get Smart

Improvements in technology have led to marvels in the kitchen. Replace old appliances with newer models enhanced with smart technology. Prospective buyers will appreciate the equipment upgrade and the energy savings it provides.

A kitchen is the heart of the home, and it should also be at the heart of your remodel. Keep these kitchen upgrades in mind to cook up some extra cash when selling your home.