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Never Squish Those Spiders on Your House

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Spiders are voracious predators that silently wait in the darkness to attack unsuspecting humans and eat them up – right? That is actually partly correct. The eight-legged monsters are insatiable eaters that consume over 750 tons of insects every year, but most species shy away from humans. Yes, the arachnids are great for keeping the insect population under control, but what happens when they invade the outside of your home and nest under your siding, in your eaves, or up in the corners of your house? Well, scientists tell you that you should never squish those spiders – for a very good reason.


Spiders are very territorial creatures that exhibit aggressive behavior to other spiders that may invade their established home-grounds. Yes, they are cannibals and will kill and eat other spiders that get too near the webs they set up, but more importantly, they enjoy taking over … Read More

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How To Design Your Window Treatments

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Designing new window treatments can give your space a much-needed refresh as well as tie your whole aesthetic together. When you are choosing which treatments to use it is important to keep in mind the ease with which they open and close, the level of comfort they offer and how the treatments effect your privacy.


When you are shopping for window treatments from a motorized blinds new jersey store, you can see how easy it can be to raise and lower your blinds with a touch of a button. This can help you keep cords away from kids or pets who like to play with them. You can even find some models which raise or lower between the panes of glass to save you on dusting your blinds.


Your window treatments can include blinds, curtains, valences and more. All of these things will need to work together to … Read More

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Outdoor Lighting That’s Efficient in Every Way

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Landscape lighting is a design element that people can appreciate at night and during the day. The lights and lighting fixtures can be decorative even when they haven’t been lit. When it’s dark outside, people will appreciate them even more. 

Practical Benefits

People who don’t use any landscape lighting might have to carry flashlights with them at night when they get home. These issues can be particularly pronounced for individuals who have long walkways and large yards. Outdoor lights can solve that problem without consuming too much electricity or making the front lawn seem too bright.

Essential Outdoor Lights

The people who have backyard pools will need outdoor lights even more, even if they don’t plan on using their pools at night very frequently. Any pool area has to be carefully lit for safety reasons. People who use outdoor lights might also have fewer problems with intruders, who often rely … Read More

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Simple Ways to Fight Allergies

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When you find yourself sniffling and your eyes watering, it could mean that allergy season is at its peak. However, a chronic allergy problem may indicate that there are underlying issues that you need to address. To drive out allergies permanently, consider the following tips.

Look for Mold

Mold is a major cause of allergies, and any traces of it in your home may trigger your symptoms. The best way to prevent mold from causing an allergic reaction is to check for signs of it in your living space before it has the chance to cause harm. If you do come across any indications of a mold problem, it’s important to be proactive and request services like pressure washing near me Jacksonville FL to eliminate mold for good.

Adjust the Temperature

Keeping your home at the right temperature can also help to keep allergies at bay. If your home is … Read More

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The Top 3 Remodeling Trends for 2019

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The Top 3 Remodeling Trends for 2019

No matter the home-buying economy and interest rates, there are many advantages of staying in your current home. The memories and the community you’ve built in your neighborhood can stay alive, and you can still have a home that fits your needs and the current trends. Here are the top three remodeling trends for 2019.  

Accent with Geometrics & Texture 

Geometrics like herringbone, chevron, basket weave, houndstooth, and harlequin are all in fashion. You can incorporate them in your accessories, or go big and have your remodeling companies Austin TX, install a feature wall. For example, instead of a traditional backsplash, you can do a tiled accent wall behind the stove to feature the geometrical design you choose.  

Use Color 

Light gray is officially on the down-trend. Popular colors are greens such as emerald, hunter, and sage. If you prefer different colors, opt for pure hues, … Read More

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Stocking a Fish Pond

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You love to fish and have a pond on your property. You can cut out those long trips to the lake by stocking your body of water with fish. There are many steps to follow to get the water ready for its new occupants.

Do Your Research

The first step you must accomplish is to call your state Department of Natural Resources to see what types of fish you can have in your pond. They are great sources for other questions like weed control for lakes. They manage the types of fish that work best in the state and will benefit the environment around them. 

Test the Waters

Once you have a plan to proceed, you will want to test the water in your pond to see if it can support life. Take a sample and send it in to be evaluated. If it is less than ideal … Read More

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Suffering From Insomnia? A New Mattress can help – Here’s why

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It is amazing how many people suffer from insomnia and do not realise how an uncomfortable bed can be a major cause: We tend to put it down to work stress, too much caffeine etc and overlook our aging mattresses as a possible cause for our tossing and turning throughout the night. According to research by BUPA research the cost of lost productivity because of people suffering sleep deprivation in the UK is over one and a half billion. If you are suffering from insomnia here’s why investing in a new bed can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Choosing the Best Mattress – Getting it Right

The general consensus is to change your mattress every seven to ten years. There is a wide variety of bed types available, the most popular being memory foam, open spring and pocket spring. The type you choose is all down to personal … Read More

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Loft Conversion – Your Essential Step-By-Step Guide

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Before you set out on converting your loft you might want to consider everything which is involved in converting your loft. Through this step-by-step guide, we aim to help you decide whether converting your loft is right for your home. Before you decide whether to take on a loft conversion here are a few things you need to remember:

Can your house support a loft conversion?

You need to know that doing a loft conversion to your home will add extra weight to your foundation. The first thing you need to do is find out whether your home foundation will be able to support a loft conversion. A building contractor will be able to accurately assess your home to see if you can go ahead with your conversion.

Do you have enough headroom?

For a successful loft conversion, you need to make sure that you have enough headroom in … Read More

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Reasons Why People Need to Choose Wrought Iron Gates

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The gate marks the entrance of any property. Whether it is an entrance to a stadium, to a commercial compound or your lovely home, the barrier should be beautiful, elegant as well as functional, while speaking volumes about the people living or working inside these barriers. That’s precisely what you will get when you install a wrought iron gate. That kind of barriers can make any property stand out with little to no effort.

Fun fact: did you know that these kinds materials are used extensively in building Victorian and colonial houses.

Here are some reasons why gates made up of wrought iron are one of the best decisions you will make in your life.

Superior to other materials when it comes to rust resistance

They are a lot more resistant to rust compared to regular iron since they are considered as an alloy. The iron is mixed with slag, … Read More

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3 Basics for Construction Site Safety

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In view of the recent upturn in the economy, many people are choosing to dive in and purchase a home. Market rates show that there are more buyers for homes, currently, than homes available for sale. But with the option to customize a home from the start through choosing each finishing touch, building a custom home is growing steadily in popularity. An estimated 614,000 homes were built and sold in the U.S. in recent years. With the high demand for construction, though, worker safety needs to be a priority.  The U.S. Department of Labor states that nearly 20% of all worker fatalities in 2017 were in construction. Here are three suggestions to support worksite safety while maintaining productivity.

1. Have a Plan

Make sure a building site is inspected regularly and ensure that employees are trained on safety procedures. Wearing safety harnesses while performing off-the-ground work or ensuring a valve Read More