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Does Having an Open House Help To Sell My Home?

Does Having an Open House Help To Sell My Home?

Does Having an Open House Help To Sell My Home?

Since the 1910s, open houses have been the primary strategy in selling a home and are still considered necessary in the home selling process. A few things have changed in real estate since the 1910s: real estate agents are allowed to have more than one client, and Sundays aren’t the only days allowed for open houses. Whether an open house has been held on a Friday or a Monday, almost half of buyers today have said they’ve used an open house as part of their home buying journey. 

Has Online Home Shopping Replaced Open Houses?

Some feel that open houses aren’t as effective as they once were. People are shopping online now, and house shopping isn’t any different. Virtual walkthroughs, 3-D tours, and even live videos are at the buyer’s fingertips. Nothing replaces the in-person feel of the home. Eventually, those online home shoppers will have to come offline. Things … Read More

He Didn’t Plan to Buy a Place on Fire Island. But This Was No Ordinary Home.

Glenn Rice’s journey to owning a house on Fire Island, N.Y., began unexpectedly in Boston and was propelled, surprisingly, by his love of theater.

In September 2017, Mr. Rice, a real estate agent, visited Boston to see a friend perform in the opening night of the play “WARHOLCAPOTE.” At a dinner afterward, he befriended Rob Roth, the playwright who wrote the show.

“We just started talking and got along like gangbusters,” said Mr. Rice, 49. “So at the end of the evening, he said, ‘You should come out and stay with me in Fire Island. I think you’ll like it.’”

Credit…Giulia Menechella

The next summer, Mr. Rice took Mr. Roth up on the offer and found that he liked Mr. Roth’s getaway in the Pines very much indeed. But as

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Buy House: These are 7 Ways to Save to Buy a House

Buy House- Many suspects that the high price of housing from year to year makes the millennial generation unable to buy a house. Especially at a young age, many people have difficulty implementing frugal patterns and lifestyles. However, the assumption above is not entirely true, because buying a house is not impossible if you have an effective way of saving. Even though house prices are sure to increase every year, saving is still the best solution to buying a house. Then, how do buy a house at a young age? Come on, check out the following tips and tricks!

7 Smart Steps to Save to Buy a Home


The intention is the best starting point to start everything, including saving. It’s a good idea to make up your mind and intention to set the target you want to go to.

Buying a house is not impossible if you … Read More

Your Guide to Buying a Vacation Home in Ontario

Owning a vacation home is a goal for many. Who doesn’t want a home away from home dedicated to just relaxing and
enjoying yourself during your off time? Plus, imagine being able to retire in your cottage! If a vacation home has been
on your mind but you just don’t know where to get started, we’ve got your back. Here are the important things to
consider when planning on buying a cottage.

What Are Your Goals?
Different people want vacation homes for different purposes. This will determine what type of home you get and where
you’re getting it.

Escape the city for summer and winter holidays
Living in the city gets tiring with all the noise and just how busy it is. Having another home to escape to during the
holidays is a wonderful treat. It’s important to choose somewhere that can capitalize on when you’re more likely to take
holidays. … Read More

6 Reasons To Buy A House In France

There are various good reasons to buy a home in France. Here are a few. Aside from being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, it also offers one of the most diverse landscapes, offering something for everyone: great beaches for sun worshippers, spectacular countryside for nature lovers, and mountains and oceans for sports fans to explore and explore.

France offers so many benefits when you buy a home there; when you visit AmonAvis, you will see reviews from people who have purchased a house there and enjoy the great benefits France offers them. Here is an excellent reason to buy a home in France.

  1. A stable and a mature market

Due to France’s mature economy and real estate market, purchasers can feel more secure than fresh and emerging markets in less economically and politically stable countries. This country’s housing sector has a proven track record of providing … Read More

Things To Do Before Buying a Flipped House

Most likely, you have seen a home makeover show on TV where some contractors and designers come together and turn an old house into a beautiful and modern home. These shows make the whole process easy and that leaves you drooling about a flipped house. However, before purchasing that flipped home you have seen in your neighborhood, here are a few things to check.

Ensure Faucets and Appliances Are Working Correctly

A significant part of the project involving flipping a home is in the kitchen and bathroom most of the time. Turn on the taps and ensure there are no plumbing issues and that the faucets are not there just for aesthetics, but they are actually functional. 

Check Under the Cabinets

Some house flippers are more concerned with the cosmetic appeal of an item rather than the functionality. That is why you first need to check under the cabinets and … Read More

The benefits of having an open house

An open house is one of several elements of a marketing plan. The property industry also knows this term. In an open house, usually, the developer or agent will state the advantages of the property they sell—both in terms of interior design, condition of the building, to the completeness of house documents. Therefore, prospective buyers will get a lot of knowledge before buying a unit. This is certainly an advantage for potential buyers.
In addition to knowledge related to buildings, with an open house, prospective buyers can also benefit from new experiences. That’s because, in these activities, sellers will usually show off the advantages of the property while walking around the unit or show unit. Some of the new experiences that potential customers will get at London Real Estate are:
– Supplies to bargain the price
There are always various types of potential buyers who have different motives for every … Read More

3 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Home

Getting your home ready to sell is a big task to take on. There is a lot of pressure to have your house be as nice and clean as possible to help it sell faster. You might feel like it will never be picture perfect and ready to list. Here are three tips to help you get started. 

1. Declutter

Having too many things on the countertops or in closets can distract potential buyers from the beauty and functionality of your home. Get rid of things you don’t use. You might also consider putting items that you still want but don’t have a good place for storage while your house is being shown. You might think your house looks too unused or empty, but that gives potential buyers the freedom to imagine themselves in the space and make them more likely to make an offer. 

2. Deep Clean

Thoroughly cleaning … Read More