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How Long Does a Shower Remodel in Texas? (Your Quick Guide)

If you’re looking to get a shower remodel in Texas, the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how long it will take for your project. This is important because there are some things that can delay the process, like a tight timeline or needing special permits.

In general, you can expect that a shower remodels in Texas will take about two weeks from start to finish. This includes ordering materials and getting permits. You’ll also need time for the actual construction job, which should be rapid because the majority of it is done by hand

Of course, if your home is older than 50 years, it could take longer to get an inspection and permit because those were issued prior to the implementation of current building codes. If this is the situation with your property, plan on taking even more time than usual to ensure that everything … Read More

Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

If you’re looking for the latest trends in bathroom vanities, you’ve come to the right place. There are several styles and trends, from wood and marble to clawfoot tubs. Here are some examples of what to look for. If you’re not sure where to start, try following these trends from bathroom vanities Brookfield WI. They will guide you in your bathroom design selections. You can even find a bathroom vanity that matches the theme of your entire house.

Neutral Colors

For the 2021 color trend, this neutral color will be everywhere. This versatile hue is compatible with many other colors, including white and blue. Gray is the perfect neutral color for the bathroom and works well with modern, minimalist interiors. Besides being versatile, gray is also a cool neutral, so you can liven it up by using brighter accents. 


One of the most common trends in 2022 is … Read More

Scandinavian Style Bathroom Design

In general, bathrooms can be divided into two types, namely wet and dry. Wet bathrooms usually have a water reservoir. Dry bathrooms usually provide a special place for people who bathe. The method of bathing is also different, usually using a shower or sitting or half lying down and soaking in a bathtub. Some also prepare an extra wide shower curtain 84 x 72. One of the bathroom designs that are comfortable and has a modern minimalist style is Scandinavian. The reason is that this style can make the bathroom look simple but still attractive. Not to mention the harmonious balance between function and form, which is quite difficult to find at the same time. So it is not surprising that Scandinavian is the design choice of many people in realizing their dream home.
Scandinavian Bathroom Design

  1. The combination of yellow and white gives a wide impression
    To make
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Creating a Handicap Accessible Home

Whether you have a family member who is wheelchair-bound or if you are simply planning for your golden years, making your home handicap accessible can be a wise decision. While some things can only be done in the initial building of the home, some things can be remodeled to be friendlier for wheelchair access and to reduce fall risk.

Initial Home Design

If you are building a new home, you have much more control over the initial design being handicap accessible than if you are remodeling. Try to avoid stairs as much as possible, and if you do have stairs, try to keep essential rooms on the main floor. This means that ideally your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom would be downstairs. 

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is a common spot for the elderly to fall due to slipping in the tub or shower. Consider installing walk-in showers or walk-in tubs St Read More

How to Choose a Shower for Your Home Renovation

The bathroom is one of the top home renovations people do. People do more than bathe in the space. Some want a spa-like experience and others simply want to rid the home of unsightly colors or old styles. Here are some ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams starting with the shower.


A custom-made shower lets you completely customize the look, feel and size of the shower. Using specialty glass West Palm Beach, you can create a seamless shower without the frame. The look is beautiful, modern and inviting. The glass can be customized to fill the space, have the door size you need and create short walls where tile doesn’t go high enough.


Pre-fab showers are already designed and offer a cheaper alternative for those on a budget. You can still use a frameless shower door for a more modern look. These single-piece stalls have … Read More

The Top Five High-End Plumbing Fixture Brands

When it comes to the finishing touches in your home, the right lighting and plumbing fixtures are the jewels that complete the look. Today we are focusing on plumbing fixtures for your kitchen and bath. When you’re working with your professional at Batavia plumbing, here are the top brands to install for a luxury feel.

1. Brizo

Brizo touts itself as being like a fashion line for faucets and fixtures with the addition of cutting-edge technology. If unique and quality are what you’re searching for, pair your preferences with one of Brizo’s many lines.

2. DXV

American Standard has launched DXV, its brand of faucets and fixtures that perform, and are stylistically accurate to historical periods. Being around for 150 years, they are the company to do it.

3. Grohe

If you can remember the days of having to turn two knobs to adjust the temperature of your … Read More

Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

If you’re getting ready to do your next big remodel for your home, there are plenty of ideas to get you started if you’re feeling indecisive. It can be difficult to narrow down how you want your bathroom to look once it’s complete, but with some planning in advance and knowing what you want, you can get the bathroom remodel of your dreams. 

Plan Your Space

Your first step should be to plot out your space so you know exactly how you want your bathroom to look when you’re done. Perhaps you want to keep the same layout and update it slightly or maybe you’ve been dreaming of completely remodeling your bathroom from the ground up. No matter what you do, you shouldn’t get started without having a plan for your space.

Choose Materials

Bathroom remodels can cost as little or as much as you want, depending on how large … Read More