Can you order Spanish furniture online from the United Kingdom?

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Thanks to a sober but elegant style, Spanish furniture is the ideal complement to decorate the house elegantly, but without exceeding the pomp. More and more people on are wondering if interesting models of furniture from Spain can also be ordered in the United Kingdom.

Many types of Spanish furniture vary depending on the era in which they were made: modern, antique, colonial Spanish furniture, and so on. A platform where you can buy Spanish furniture is wonduu.

House decorated with Spanish taste

Among the most representative Spanish furniture of the Baroque period are the papers that were used for storing paper and documents and the pine and walnut wood desks, including drawers. For siesta, the Spaniards of that time used four-poster beds or beds with columns and a headboard, usually triangular and decorated with floral or geometric motifs. To furnish a house in this style, however, it is not necessary to get antique Spanish furniture, it is enough to try to recreate those atmospheres with some precautions. The colors to choose for the walls are warm and all the furniture must be made of solid wood, possibly sculpted and with rounded shapes. The use of wrought iron is also highly recommended, typical of Spanish furniture from various eras.

The ideal setting, therefore, to accommodate Spanish or elegant furniture are the simple rooms with parquet or dark red brick. Fabrics that fit this type of furniture are patterned or simple but in bright colors such as red, yellow, or bright blue. Mirrors with gilded frames, prominent chandeliers, and ornaments of carved, painted, or gilded wood, wooden statuettes, or austere wrought iron chandeliers will also help to create an atmosphere in this style.

Guide to the characteristics of Spanish furniture

A few years ago, tourists arriving in Spain found in front of their furniture from monasteries dating from the seventeenth century. It was rather austere furniture, but also sober and empty, furniture that seemed perfect to fit the modern style of furniture now in vogue, a minimal and simple style in turn.

The very low prices of these pieces of furniture and the simplicity of bringing them home have meant that Spanish furniture has reached Italy and many other parts of Europe and has become one of the most popular pieces of furniture, especially by the younger segment of the population.

The demand for original Spanish furniture continues to be very high, but today, unfortunately, it is no longer so easy to find furniture of this type. Spain realized, our luck and misfortune, of course, that throwing someone’s belongings in the wind in this way is a real shame and, therefore, decided to put much more intense controls when the furniture leaves the country.

There is some Spanish furniture that is much more fashionable than others, furniture that today, due to their difficult availability, have become real objects of desire for many people. Among the most popular furniture, we certainly find nail chests, four-poster beds, and twisted-column beds, and an exceptional type of table with an elongated shape, but also quite narrow, characterized by a solid wooden shelf that rests on supports carved in a row joined together by wrought-iron sleepers. Among the most popular furniture, we certainly find the so-called canteranos, libraries that can be used as a buffet and as a closet and which are practical and functional.