Maintenance is an effort that is carried out deliberately and systematically on equipment until the equipment works as usual or according to its specifications. From the above understanding, it is clear that the maintenance of household electrical equipment is a programmed activity in a certain way and is carried out regularly so that household electrical equipment is always in a ready-to-use state. Repair is the process of replacing and adjusting certain parts of a tool so that it can function properly. Another term for repair is service, which means repairing damaged or obsolete goods or specifically maintaining an item whose usage period has exceeded a certain time limit.
A popular winter heating device is air conditioning, although it is expensive and its installation involves a lot of engineering work. Therefore, international students, etc. usually choose to use a small type of electric heater or a gas heater, for example, a gift from a senior or purchased from a recycling shop. However, if used goods are used in a defective electrical system condition, it is very dangerous. On the other hand, a small heater is easy to move anywhere, so even if it has no malfunctions, it carries a risk of harm if used incorrectly.

6 Good and Sophisticated Heating Brands

1.Kris Room Heater

This Krisbow heater has a high wattage, namely, 1300-2000 watts. This Ace Hardware heating product has good features and has been tested for safety.

2.Mini Portable Heating

Portable mini space heaters are sold both offline and online. This heating blower has only 260-300 watts of power.
Next to it is the blower power button which can be adjusted at any time. Even though it’s mini, this portable heater has a timer program for up to 12 hours of use.

3.Heating DNQ-90-D-1 Warm

The advantage of this tool is that it is more environmentally friendly. This heating tool is suitable for those of you who live in apartments. The power of this heater is 900 watts. The size is not too big can be taken everywhere when traveling to cold areas and is suitable for sufferers of rheumatism.

4.Blower Dual Mode Heating

For this heating device, storage will be very safe because it is like AC, which is placed on top of one of the walls of the house. This heater is equipped with 3 modes, a timer, digital control (remote). The warmth of this heater is influenced by the volume of the room and the initial temperature of the room.

5.Baseus Warm Little Fan Heater Mini – ACNXB-02

The features provided are also sophisticated, such as there is temperature control, heating material made of Anti Flaming ABS + PC + Metal net. Then, the power required is only 500 watts.

6.Heating DNQ-90-N

This heating device is used in a room measuring 3 × 3 meters or 3 × 4 meters a maximum. The lightweight tool enables this tool to be carried on the go. The power required for this tool is 900 watts.
Using heating is the easiest way to make the room warmer throughout the room, if you need guidance, you can visit the Heating Service. Don’t forget to pay attention to some of the tips below

  1. Know the type of heating
  2. Portable or non-portable heating?
  3. Adjust the area and number of furniture in the room
  4. Electric power heating
  5. Safety heating