Minimalist Homes

Minimalist homes are now becoming a trending design and much-loved. Especially among millennial couples, who have not been married for a long time. Why is a minimalist house now a trend?

The minimalist concept itself is actually another name for modern architecture. According to freelance architect Nur Hikmah, S. Ars, there is no minimalist term, there is modern architecture.

“Where in this era of modern architecture began to prioritize the function of the building as what and what the basic needs were. Eliminate decorative elements and ornaments such as those in the era of classical-style architecture which had more details of decorative carvings and ornaments even though they did not have the function of the building itself. , “explained the architect who is familiarly called Dede.

A minimalist house is simple in shape, not many decorations that fill the room. But, why is minimalist home design a trend? To know more about technology computer you can visit this site webimag

Quoted from Archiscene, these are 4 reasons why minimalist homes are trending and liked by many people.

Save money

A house with an elegant style requires a variety of knick-knacks that are expensive and cost a lot of money. This is certainly different from a minimalist concept house.

Instead of buying small and countless decorative items, minimalist homes focus their budget on one main furniture. Mothers must choose one main item in each room to be the main focus.

This concept is certainly the right choice for millennial married couples. Because, with a limited budget, you can realize your dream home.


We never know how long the trend will last and be liked by many people. Because of the quality and simple minimalist furniture and home decor, this house will not seem old-fashioned or tacky in the future.

Designs and elements in a modern minimalist home will last longer. Meanwhile, other home designs that bring out certain patterns or elements may not trend anymore.

Easier to clean

Cleaning antiques will certainly take time. Too many decor items are too much trouble for homeowners.

Well, a minimalist home is a solution for people who don’t have much time to clean. Minimalist concept homes tend to be easier to clean. Hence, many people prefer a house with this concept.

Freer air

Minimalist homes use the decluttering technique, which is to throw away items that are no longer used. A minimalist home also only has a few essential items.

By optimizing a room like this, the floor and walls will seem spacious. So, we can get freer and fresher air.

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