3 Ways To Modernize Any Living Space

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As Summer comes to an end and people look at the prospect of spending more time in their living space, it’s often a good time to consider potential renovation projects. However, it can be an overwhelming prospect to undertake major changes. The following are simple updates that will make a dramatic impact on any area.

1. Adding Shades

Shades are a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to change a room. Curtains can make an area look dated, and they don’t always effectively manage the heat coming into the room. Remove old drapery and search for companies specializing in solar roller shades New Jersey, for example. The result will be a sleek room, with easy transitioning to great views and the right amount of sunlight.

2. Upgrading Art

Unless you are an art enthusiast, chances are you have trouble choosing budget friendly pieces that don’t look mass produced. However, artwork sets the tone of the room, so it’s important to pay attention to the pieces you choose. It’s a good idea to select one larger painting for a prominent wall, and then smaller metallic or three-dimensional accents to add around the rest of the room.

3. Getting Rid of Clutter

Nothing causes a frumpy and old look like a cluttered room without much walking space. In cities where square footage comes at a premium, people often make the mistake of packing as much furniture into a tiny space as possible. In smaller areas, forget the end tables and instead add an area rug to accentuate the added floor space. Decluttering can seem overwhelming, but it’s worth spending a weekend to truly decide what you need.

Now is a great time to take a look at your home and update its look. Start by looking at window treatments and new shades. Then make a simple change in artwork that will focus attention on the walls. Finally, minimize the amount of furniture in the area, and you’ll have a brand new room.