3 Basics for Construction Site Safety

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In view of the recent upturn in the economy, many people are choosing to dive in and purchase a home. Market rates show that there are more buyers for homes, currently, than homes available for sale. But with the option to customize a home from the start through choosing each finishing touch, building a custom home is growing steadily in popularity. An estimated 614,000 homes were built and sold in the U.S. in recent years. With the high demand for construction, though, worker safety needs to be a priority.  The U.S. Department of Labor states that nearly 20% of all worker fatalities in 2017 were in construction. Here are three suggestions to support worksite safety while maintaining productivity.

1. Have a Plan

Make sure a building site is inspected regularly and ensure that employees are trained on safety procedures. Wearing safety harnesses while performing off-the-ground work or ensuring a valve lock is used to prevent machine accidents are simple precautions that prevent these types of accidents. Don’t allow untrained workers to perform dangerous tasks until properly instructed and outfitted.

2. Practice Awareness

Check in with your employees regularly to make sure they are following safety procedures. Provide an environment where laborers are comfortable reporting any concerns they have. Make sure equipment is properly maintained and that workers are using it as intended.

3. Record Occurrences

Keeping track of injuries or job-related incidence is not only important for insurance companies. Foreman and crew leaders need to be aware of dangerous trends and curb any risky behaviors observed. By recording these occurrences when they happen and investigating the cause, future damage to both people and equipment can be avoided.

When job site standards are carefully upheld, hazards can be more easily avoided. Make sure to plan out strategies and train workers to implement them carefully. Be aware of what is going on at a building project and record data from accidents. Review it regularly to ensure that safety is a priority on every building site.