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Scandinavian Style Bathroom Design

In general, bathrooms can be divided into two types, namely wet and dry. Wet bathrooms usually have a water reservoir. Dry bathrooms usually provide a special place for people who bathe. The method of bathing is also different, usually using a shower or sitting or half lying down and soaking in a bathtub. Some also prepare an extra wide shower curtain 84 x 72. One of the bathroom designs that are comfortable and has a modern minimalist style is Scandinavian. The reason is that this style can make the bathroom look simple but still attractive. Not to mention the harmonious balance between function and form, which is quite difficult to find at the same time. So it is not surprising that Scandinavian is the design choice of many people in realizing their dream home.
Scandinavian Bathroom Design

  1. The combination of yellow and white gives a wide impression
    To make
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How To Set Up Your Home Office For Success

Follow these simple tips to ensure your home office is set up for you to stay focused and productive.


First, find the best location in your home to make your office. Use a door or privacy divider to create a more private area. Establish your space somewhere you won’t be interrupted and can avoid loud noises. This can be a separate space or its own room, depending on what you have available. Make sure the area is well lit. If you are not near windows that let in natural light, set up a few lamps to brighten up the area. Don’t worry about needing a large amount of room to make it work. There are various kinds of space-saving home office furniture Indianapolis like standing desks and floating shelves.

Setting Up

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Why You Should Repair Your Garage Door Now

More often than not, garage doors tend to get neglected while other home improvements take precedence. When your garage door isn’t working, it can throw off your entire routine. Whether it’s just crooked or completely non-functional, here are several reasons you should repair that door now. 

Secures Your Home

When your garage door won’t lock or isn’t closing because it’s off its track, you’re putting yourself at risk. If you have an attached garage, it leads directly inside your home making you vulnerable to a break-in. Repairing your garage door will protect your car, tools and most importantly, your family.

Saves You Money

A broken or uneven garage door is also a drafty one and isn’t energy-efficient. A door with gaps around it makes the inside of your home susceptible to heat, wind, rain and cooler temperatures. By calling for garage door repair service Clovis CA, you can … Read More

3 Household Health Hazards

Most people are aware of the hazards they face when they leave the house, such as traffic accidents and pollution. However, there are many health hazards that have the potential to develop in the home as well. Here are three health hazards that can be found at home. 

1. Mold

Mold tends to grow in damp, dark locations including pipes, insulation, ceiling tiles, and carpet. Exposure to mold can cause reactions in people where their eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin become irritated. Some signs that you may have come in contact with mold include sneezing, experiencing a runny nose, and getting a skin rash. Although very rare, being exposed to mold even has the potential to be fatal. 

Some things that you can do to prevent mold from growing in the house include:

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