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What to Know About Living in Golf Estate Communities

While there is foreseeable development of Halifax plantation new homes and other golf communities, there are many factors that residents who live in or near golf courses should know. They should look closely into how the golf courses treat their land. Studies have shown that there are direct and indirect consequences associated with vapors from the pesticides that are applied to the surface of the grass that is found in some golf estates. Researchers have conducted a detailed examination of how hazardous the pesticides used are and how they may give rise to chronic health risks amongst those that are exposed through inhalation.  Even though there are limitations related to high costs in these studies, and it remains very difficult to directly link pesticide exposure to chronic illness in those that are exposed to pesticides, there is however enough evidence from the array of products and what is in them to raise … Read More

When Children Have Close Relationships with Grandparents

A child needs attention and affection from the family. It is not enough from parents alone, the role of grandparents is also a driving factor. When children have close relationships with their grandparents, everyone benefits. There have been several studies conducted on the effects of grandparents’ bonding, and all of the studies have shown positive results associated with closer bonding. Vice versa. Grandparents need closeness and affection from their grandchildren because they are no longer young. Grandparents need fun time and activities for their activities. The closeness with the grandchildren also makes them feel nostalgic about their youth. Most parents who have careers entrust their children to their grandparents. Parents do not have to pay a nanny. Because entrusting children to their grandparents is a reasonable choice, the children have more effective time with their grandparents than with their parents. Do grandparents have legal rights to see their grandchildren? Of … Read More

Why You Should Consider Triple Glazed Windows For Your Home

These days no one even considers installing single glazed windows. In fact, with the exception of listed properties, current Building Regulations do not even allow it anymore.

Could it be that in time to come even double glazing will no longer be considered to be adequate and triple glazed windows will become the norm?

With energy efficiency these days being high on the agenda for homeowners and other persuasive arguments in favour of triple glazing, homeowners are questioning whether it is in their interest to invest in triple glazing as a high-performance alternative to single and double glazing in Surrey. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding this issue.

What are the differences between double and triple glazing and why is it needed?

Modern architecture nowadays often feature large sheaths of glazing for picture windows as well as sliding doors and roof lights. Because heat passes through glass much … Read More